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    February 10, 2021

    What is Document Management or Enterprise Content Management?


    What is Document Management or Enterprise Content Management? Here is the short answer; Enterprise  Content Management (ECM) is the combination of business process development and technology integration that will enable your team to manage business communications quickly and securely. Naturally, the complete answer is more complicated than that...

    What is the value of Enterprise Content Management?

    The answer to this question is different for every organization, but you can break it down to a few key categories:

    • Labor Savings – The average team member spends 7 minutes searching for a single document.
    • Improved Customer Service – Faster access to information for both internal and external customers will shorten then turnaround time for your team
    • Huge Improvements in efficiency – efficiency improvements sounds very corporate, but this is a very human subject.
    • Scaleable systems – even when you add volume, you won't need to add the same ratio of resources; you know how more leverage in the system!

    Developing an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) strategy is unique to each organization. Every organization has different processes and requirements related to business documentation. Invoicing, HR, AP/AR, Customer service documents, and contracts all require something different in terms of process. Even though processes do vary from firm to firm, the basic milestones tend to be the same within functional areas. The scope of the benefits will only increase as the size of the organization increases.

    How can we determine if Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is worth it for my organization?

    Understanding the benefit your team would realize from the ECM system begins with a Business Technology Assessment and Workflow review. The team at UBEO are the top experts in the ECM field. We implement solutions everyday for customers helping them move from a manual, paper-based system to a new model where information flows seamlessly from the digital to physical world and back.

    The ECM discovery process involves our team sitting down with your leadership to determine your goals. We then examine your document workflow seeking out bottlenecks and areas where we can make improvements. Next, we  design preview workflows using the best fit software solution and present those solutions to your team.

    Implementation can be company wide or we can start smaller with one department or even a single business process.

    Some Final thoughts

    The process of leveraging technology for the benefit of your team and the bottom line is not only about a 3-5% improvement in efficiency. This commitment will likely reduce future expenses for your organization and provide you an edge above your competition, but it will do much more than that. Enterprise Content Management solutions will show your team that your company is serious about innovation and serious about investing in the technology to make their lives better. Your employees want to do a great job for your and for your customers, but they need to be setup for success. If they have to fight lagging or antiquated technology, they will become disillusioned.

    We have seen customers nearly cry with joy as we implement systems that will help them perform their duties with far less effort and much greater efficiency. It is truly a delight to see.

    For information on how to schedule an exploratory call with one of our experts, contact us here.


    Ronnie Hay

    Ronnie Hay is the Marketing Director for UBEO.

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