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    We Simplify Government Work


    Getting the right technology to support your department can be challenging. UBEO makes it easy.

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    Don’t Take Our Word For It.

    Understand why so many government customers – and beyond — have chosen UBEO as their guide to technology success. 

    Government Budget Control

    Budget management is essential in government. UBEO provides you a comprehensive technology solution with a single invoice — predictable, simple and effective.


    Consolidated Services

    UBEO provides managed services that allow institutions to leverage purchasing power and benefit from features normally reserved for high-value private sector companies.


    Purchasing Programs

    Let’s face it — no one likes RFPs. UBEO’s has nationally- authorized purchasing programs let you bypass the RFP process headaches.


    Information Security

    The #1 priority for any IT team is security. As a trusted partner, UBEO secures your data from inception to destruction.


    Better Compliance

    Even the government has compliance and regulation issues. We provide compliance strategies and technology to meet your compliance needs.


    Digital Transformation

    Less work, more flow. Plan your digital transformation strategy with the help of our content management experts.

    Product Partners

    UBEO’s robust partnerships offer the latest proven hardware and software systems from multiple manufacturers to optimize your workflow and office document systems.

    Learn How We Work.

    First Call Fix

    First Call Fix

    Our service calls are resolved on the first visit over 94% of the time. That means your devices are back up and running without our technicians having to return.

    System Up-Time

    System Up-Time

    We believe in proactive maintenance, not break-fix. That means your systems work consistently and reliably as they should.

    Remote Resolution

    Remote Helpdesk Resolution

    If your equipment does malfunction, your first line of support is our IT Help Desk. Our Help Desk team members are experts in IT, and do nothing but solve equipment issues. 34% of our service calls are resolved remotely with an average call time of 8 minutes.

    Client Retention

    Client Retention

    Our support team, service experience and best-in-class technology are why our clients choose UBEO again and again. Our success is driven by your success.

    What Happens During A BTA

    Explore the end-to-end process of UBEO’s Business Technology Assessment.

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    Get started with UBEO — let us know what we can take off of your team so that you can successfully take on whatever comes your way.

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