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    UBEO offers a complete suite of solutions to support the architectural, engineering and construction industry. Our selection of Best-in-Class products and solutions will ensure your technology can keep pace with your team driving more opportunity, faster execution, and more profit to the bottom line.




    Does your technology align with your design process?

    Plans today are much more complicated than they used to be and need to communicate effectively to many different teams supporting a project. How well does your current technology support your design process and communication amongst designers, engineers, and sub-contractors? 

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    Consider all the steps.

    Your devices are just tools unless they are integrated into your workflow. Every technology you invest in should be a solution to a problem.



    As the design process begins, UBEO seeks to understand several key aspects of this process.


    Design Development

    As you move into the Design Development phase, we seek to understand how your current tools are impacting this stage of the process.


    Construction Phase

    This is the area where solutions, not tools, will provide the most benefit to your firm.

    Targeted Applications

    Explore how UBEO's architectural, engineering and construction solutions can improve efficiency and communication.

    Let's get to work!

    Explore the benefits of UBEO's AEC Solutions. Talk with an analyst and discover how your projects can benefit from increased efficiency and improved communication.

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