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    We Streamline Legal Productivity

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    UBEO provides tailored solutions to support legal firms with eDiscovery, productivity improvements, on-demand print production, and more.

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    More Brands, More Choices.

    You know our recommended solutions are hand-selected for you from our fleet of offerings.

    Wholistic solutions tailored to the needs of legal firms.

    In addition to UBEO’s core business services, we provide a curated suite of legal solutions to support your firm. These services are backed by a full support team that provides quick project turnarounds when you need it. 


    Bill-Back Solutions

    Gain seamless print tracking and bill-back solutions and make client billing for print a breeze.

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    Rainmaker offers complete Electronic Discovery services from loading and analyzing to production sets.  We understand not every case demands a hosted review platform, and we can quickly covert your native files to a format you can easily review.  Utilize the power of AI and automation to collect all documents & communication related to a lawsuit within a client’s environment.

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    Bankruptcy Mailouts

    Let us handle the printing, inserting into envelopes, address labels, and postage. We’ll even drop them off at the post office. By allowing us to handle your mailing needs, we give you the time to be more productive


    Relativity and Hosted Solutions

    We have a toolbox of the latest review technologies that allow us to help you select the platform best fit for your case. Whether you have a small case with a tight budget, or a more complex matter that requires full analytics on terabytes of data, we will consult with you to select the technology that is tailored to your needs.


    Deposition and Trial Experts

    Rainmaker is your Austin, Texas local trial prep team. We have years of experience helping clients prepare for trial. Our print center is located in downtown Austin and our team is staffed and ready to quickly turn around your most important deposition and trial print projects.

    What Happens During A BTA

    Explore the end-to-end process of UBEO’s Business Technology Assessment.

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    Get started with UBEO — let us know what we can take off of your team so that you can successfully take on whatever comes your way.

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