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    Limited resources. Inconsistent adoption. Bring-Your-Own-Device policies. UBEO helps with these education industry challenges and simplifies your tech systems.

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    Technology solutions that make the grade!

    Technology should facilitate, not distract. Get technology solutions that blend seamlessly into your environment.

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    Document Imaging

    - Multifunction devices: Copy, print, fax and scan all at one device!
    - Laser Printers: Compact and easy to use with low toner usage
    - Total cost of ownership
    - Printer Management Programs


    Document Workflow Solutions

    - Scan to email technology
    - Scanning Solutions
    - Automate manual document processes


    Paperless Solutions

    - Document Storage & Management
    - Backfile Conversion & Archiving
    - Paperless Fax Services


    Unique Acquisition Strategies

    - Flexible Rental Agreements
    - Group Purchasing Programs
    - Consolidated Billing

    Run Your School Smarter!

    Utilizing the power of document management software, UBEO empowers your educational organization to review, approve, reject and track processes that are critical to your success. Save time, stress, money and paper with these automated paperless processes.


    Online Forms

    Utilize your logo and color scheme, that walk users through a seamless process start to finish.


    Transcript Requests

    Receive transcript requests online and easily search and retrieve digital copies to send to alumni.


    Autofile Assistant

    Organize and file documents instantly with an integration to your Student Information System.


    Student Body Travel Requests

    Save time on staff travel requests and expense tracking.


    Suspension & Expulsion Removal

    Manage this delicate process with automated notifications to all involved throughout each step of the process, from board meetings to the final recommendations.


    New Hire On-boarding

    Automate your on-boarding process for both credentialed and non-credentialed employees.


    Document Expiration Assistant

    Notify staff before documents and certifications expire.


    Student Release Approval

    From travel and photo releases, or anything requiring parent approval can be tracked online.


    Employee & Parent Driver Approval

    Give school sites the ability to review, approve, and instantly view and track driver status.


    Facility Rental Requests

    Whether it’s gyms, theaters or other facilities, our workflow can easily route and approve requests.

    More Brands, More Choices.

    You know our recommended solutions are hand-selected for you from our fleet of offerings.

    Our Net Promoter Score is 88% — and Growing.

    Good companies have a Net Promoter Score over 40%. Great companies can reach over 50%. Our score is 88% and we are not satisfied yet.

    System Up-Time

    System Up-Time

    No matter how good of a deal your system was, if it doesn’t work, you overpaid. Our systems just work as expected more than 99% of the time.

    First Call Fix-Rate

    First Call Fix-Rate

    We’re proud of our 94% first call fix rate.

    Remote Support

    Helpdesk Resolution

    Most providers have a $150 per hour call charge for IT related issues. Our IT help desk is built-in value, and resolves 34% of our service calls remotely with an average call time of 8 minutes.

    Client Retention

    Better Support, Period.

    Once your team has experienced the UBEO difference, you won’t settle for less.

    What Happens During A BTA

    Explore the end-to-end process of UBEO’s Business Technology Assessment.

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