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    Limited resources. Inconsistent adoption. Bring-Your-Own-Device policies. UBEO helps with these education industry challenges and simplifies your tech systems.

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    Creativity-Enabling Technology

    Technology should facilitate, not distract. Get technology solutions that blend seamlessly into your environment.

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    Best in Class

    The best performing systems from top brands, all in one place.

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    Budget Control

    Technology and printing budgets made simple, easy, and predictable.

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    Expert Support

    Great service isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. Free support that delivers when you need it.

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    Less Work. More Flow.

    The best of Business Process Automation with systems that make you stronger.

    More Brands, More Choices.

    You know our recommended solutions are hand-selected for you from our fleet of offerings.

    Our Net Promoter Score is 88% — and Growing.

    Good companies have a Net Promoter Score over 40%. Great companies can reach over 50%. Our score is 88% and we are not satisfied yet.

    System Up-Time

    System Up-Time

    No matter how good of a deal your system was, if it doesn’t work, you overpaid. Our systems just work as expected more than 99% of the time.

    First Call Fix-Rate

    First Call Fix-Rate

    We’re proud of our 94% first call fix rate.

    Remote Support

    Helpdesk Resolution

    Most providers have a $150 per hour call charge for IT related issues. Our IT help desk is built-in value, and resolves 34% of our service calls remotely with an average call time of 8 minutes.

    Client Retention

    Better Support, Period.

    Once your team has experienced the UBEO difference, you won’t settle for less.

    What Happens During A BTA

    Explore the end-to-end process of UBEO’s Business Technology Assessment.

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    Our Experts

    Get started with UBEO — let us know what we can take off of your team so that you can successfully take on whatever comes your way.

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