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    July 14, 2022

    FCC No Longer Mandates Support for Copper Lines. Will Your Faxing Be Affected?

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    Copper Lines are phasing out.

    On August 2, 2019, FCC order 19-72A1 officially granted telecommunications carriers permission to abandon outdated, degrading copper POTs lines. The order also states that companies will no longer be required to build new traditional copper networks.

    What does that mean for your organization?

    Carriers have already begun increasing pricing for existing POTS lines by 150% in some cases. These price increases are a concerted effort by service providers to force customers to migrate to more cost-effective, modern communications infrastructures. If your organization is unaware of this change and has not sought out alternatives, you may be vulnerable to service interruptions that can significantly impact your operations.

    What areas will be affected?

    Specialty services such as burglar and fire alarms, elevator lines, and (reliable) faxing have historically been supported by POTS lines. Infrastructure managers may find it challenging to find a replacement due to the unique data and transmission modes needed to effectively support these services. August 2, 2022 is a critical date. Many consumers are already receiving communication from their carriers informing them that their current POTS line services will no longer be available after a pre-determined date. The FCC Order states that after August 2, 2022, a customer may receive notice of service termination forcing a transition to an alternative service. What is the solution?

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    Alternatives to Traditional POTS Line Services for Faxing

    UBEO offers a simple replacement to all fax lines by moving the fax numbers to the cloud which eliminates the cost of all fax machines and monthly fax line bills.  UBEO’s solution meets HIPAA and PHI standards which allows any business to take advantage of the cost savings cloud faxing offers and converts fax into an electronic workflow.  Unlike most cloud faxing solutions, UBEO offers unlimited users and does not require a monthly page commitment to take advantage of price discounts.
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    Erick Miller

    Erick Miller has more than 20 years of experience in information technology management and serves as UBEO's VP of Technology Solutions. Erick oversees the Information Technology, Solutions and AV, ECM, and Managed Services teams. In his leadership, Erick holds firm to the belief that you are only good as your team so...

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