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    August 24, 2016

    How Does Your Firm Track Printing for Client Billing?

    mation_081916.jpgThe nature of the legal business makes it heavily dependent on paper processes. Making those processes more efficient through workflows and print policies will directly impact the profitability of your firm. One of the easiest and most effective improvements you can make to your firm is implementing a cost recovery system.


    Many legal firms have software for cost recovery while others rely on user codes native on their copy machine. Some offices use a tally sheet next to the copier to record the date and quantity of printing per individual client.

    Streamline Billing

    Some firms have cost recovery software in place and have for many years now, but they struggle with inputting the data into their billing software. Whether you use Orion, Tabs3 or some other form of legal billing software, inputting those counts can be an arduous monthly task. If you have this input issue, you should consider integrations. If your current cost recovery solution does not allow for integrations, consider switching to a platform that either has the integration pre-built or that can be developed at a reasonable cost. 


    Easily Track Costs

    If you do not currently have a cost recovery solution, you are in luck. One of the biggest benefits in your future is easily attaching print, copy, scan and fax costs to a client for billing purposes. There is no need for paper logs or downloading counts from multiple office copiers into a spreadsheet. Your team’s time is valuable. The less time you spend devoted to administrative tasks, the more time is devoted to billable hours. Cost recovery software makes this process extremely easy. The software is installed by our on-site systems engineers and is immediately ready to use.


    Implement a Print Policy

    Cost recovery software also allows you to implement a print policy. Does your team have a habit of leaving prints on the copier or printing things unnecessarily such as emails? A print policy can give your team guidelines about how your printing system should be used. You can prompt a user to confirm if they truly need to print something, or lock certain things out altogether or even limit which applications they can print from.


    Turn a Cost Center into a Profit Center

    Implementing a cost recovery solution can turn a cost center into a profit center. Effectively executing bill-backs allows firms to accurately record usage and charge clients for these administrative costs. As with any billable charge, there is a margin attached to these line items. Accurately recorded copy, print, scan and fax charges can then become a source of additional revenue.


    Few solutions are as simple and effective as installing a cost recovery solution for your office system. If you would like to trash the clipboard log or managing spreadsheets at the end of the month, visit mation.com or call 1.888.201.8431 for a business technology assessment today.

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    Jordan Conard

    Jordan in a Senior Systems analyst and has been in the Information Technology field for over 25 years. Jordan specializes in systems integrations.

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