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    April 27, 2016

    How to Remove a Hard Drive on a Xerox Workcenter 5655

    This post is a response to a Spicehead request from the Spiceworks Community. If you are an IT Pro, check out the Spiceworks Community! It's great for questions, providing helpful advice, and making some new friends in your industry.

    A Spicehead asked a question about removing a hard drive from a Xerox Workcenter in order to erase it for security reasons. See this blog post for more information on this security risk.

    All the models are different and have drives in different locations. This is a step by step for the Xerox Workcenter 5655. 

    Step 1: Unscrew the Pins 

    Unscrew the pins that the back of the machine for the tray underneath the scanning station. 

    Unscrew the Pins from the Xerox Workcenter 5655

    Step 2: Pull out the Tray and Remove Drive

    Pull the tray out. The hard drive is on this tray. On this model, it was in the top left corner of the tray. Unplug the drive and remove. 

    Pull out the tray from the Xerox Workcenter 5655 and remove drive.

    Step 3: There may be multiple drives for other models

    Sometimes there may be another drive located in a bump out at the back of the machine. If you have a bump out, there is likely another hard drive inside. Remove the cover and you should be able to see the drive inside. The model pictured here does not have a bump out, but this is where it would be located. 



    Office Multifunction Copiers can be a Security Risk:

    It's always good practice to discuss security options with your service provider. There are all kinds of legal issues that can potential arise from the loss of personal data. Your print fleet should be part of your security discussion!


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    Ronnie Hay

    Ronnie Hay is the Marketing Director for UBEO.

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