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    May 23, 2023

    Is your print network vulnerable to hackers?

    Network security is certainly a top priority for all IT departments today. Healthcare is an industry that has increased financial risk as it relates to cyber attacks. The exposure to potential HIPAA violations looms large for every healthcare organization. Keeping sensitive patient information secure is both important and a constant challenge. 

    hacker copy_websizeRecently there were a set of security breaches at four Stanford Hospitals. According to Becker's health, four hospitals were hit with security breaches resulting in patients' names, member IDs, dates of birth and coverage information being compromised. You can read the Stanford public statement about the incident here

    Stanford is not unique. These attacks happen every day to businesses in every industry and in every country across the globe. UBEO has long been educating IT and business leaders on the risks related to networked devices.

    Printing devices are essential to core business functions, but they are also a potential gateway into your wider network. One solution UBEO provides to its customers is our Hardening Guide. This guide provides 29 actions IT professionals can take to improve endpoint security for networked print devices. Access the guide here

    Are your user end-points secure? Safeguard your networked printers with UBEO's easy-to-use print security checklist!

    To get a full overview of your networked devices and document processes, UBEO offers a complimentary Business Technology Assessment. Our assessment will reveal opportunities to improve security, enhance workflow, and uncover other challenges faced by your organization's end users. Our Business Analysts and ProIT specialists review document related workflows and will provide a roadmap to help optimize and standardize inefficient processes. 

    To learn more about this and other services we provide, visit UBEO.com today!


    Ronnie Hay

    Ronnie Hay is the Marketing Director for UBEO.

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