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    June 30, 2020

    New Normal: Access to Paper-based Documents


    A huge challenge currently facing organizations in the "New Normal" of business operations is the lack of access to critical documents. Many team members utilize paper-based data to complete their essential duties. What is happening to those processes as more team members are working remote?

    Is now the time to transition from Paper to Digital?

    If your team has yet not begun the process of digitizing your paper-based documents with a document management solution, here are some reasons why now may be the time to get started.

    1. Business Continuity - No matter what business you are in, the access to information is critical. Now that so many organizations have shifted teams away from the central office, old business processes are being dramatically impacted. Team members may not have the same ability to access documents if they are now working remotely. Document management solutions can ensure your business processes keep running regardless of geographic limitations.

    2. Improved Flexibility - Transitioning processes from paper-based to digital gives your organization greater flexibility in how team members connect with their work. Many companies have non-essential workers performing their duties from home, but what about the essential workers? Many essential workers like AP/AR team members are stuck in the office because they MUST access paper documents in order to fulfill their core duties. Think of invoices that come in through the mail. AP team members must be able to access those invoices to get them processed so they are typically forced to be in the office. Could that be process be facilitated digitally? The answer is yes. Being able to offer work-from-home options to more team members can boost morale and be a competitive advantage when recruiting.
    3. Lasting Efficiency Improvements - There are a host of other benefits that come with document management solutions. Workflow improvements are one example. Many paper-based processes can move through 15 or 20 steps from start to finish. Moving paper documents into a digital workflow will speed up processing time, save resources, and continue to provide long-term value. 

    To learn more about moving your paper-based processes to digital, register to attend our introductory 30-minute webinar. We will discuss this topic and other topics related to transitioning to a safer and healthier office environment!


    Ronnie Hay

    Ronnie Hay is the Marketing Director for UBEO.

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