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    October 15, 2018

    Secure Print in Healthcare



    Hospitals, clinics and other healthcare providers face unique challenges when it comes to data and endpoint security. HIPAA compliance, data loss, and other issues affect the healthcare industry in almost every aspect of the business. How secure is your printing in your healthcare environment?

    Risks of Overlooking Unsecured Printing

    IT strategy is led by security issues, but many teams overlook the printed page a potential risk point. Many vendors, patients, and staff potentially have access to sensitive information that can place healthcare providers at risk of violations. The financial risk can be huge for overlooking this area. Fines can range from $100 to $50,000 per violation! Cashflow in hospitals is always a constant concern. Paying large, preventable fines certainly does not help the bottom line.


    How "Follow Me" Printing Can Help

    Follow Me print solutions have been available for years and is the optimum solution to address many of these end-point security challenges. Follow Me printing allows users to send print jobs to a printer server where they are held until the user releases the job at the device.



    This technology has several benefits:

    • Print from any device allowing maximum flexibility in the print environment
    • Increase security by ensuring only the user has access to a document since the job is not release until the user is standing at the device
    • Improve efficiency by allowing multiple batch jobs to print at once eliminating the constant back and forth to the print device
    • Accountability into what is being printed and by whom


    Why is Follow Me Printing not more widely adopted?

    The answer to this question is implementation. Most providers lack the expertise to implement the software properly and cause disruption in their customers' environments. This risk causes service providers to avoid these types of solutions. They simply don't want things to go back and risk losing the customer over a solution that isn't greatly profitable for them.

    If providers do sell the solution, they will usually allow the software solution to install and service the product directly. This can be hit or miss. While some companies provide good support, they may not understand the nuances and behaviors of different ERM systems in the Healthcare space.


    The Choose the Right Partner

    UBEO has our own team of certified Solutions Specialists that execute our customers' implementations. Not only are they the best in the industry at implementation, but they also serve as your on-going support team. When your situation changes or something quits working as expected, the team that configured your system is the one that will service it. No help desk waiting, no endless cycles of support ticket numbers and call center employees reading from a manual.


    Start a Conversation

    If you would like to discuss Follow Me printing or any of our other Healthcare solutions, drop us a line or call 1.888.201.8431.

    Ronnie Hay

    Ronnie Hay is the Marketing Director for UBEO.

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