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    imagePRESS Lite C270 Series

    Color Multi-function / Copier Scanner

    Today’s marketplace necessitates the ability to be resilient and versatile while improving efficiency. At the same time, meeting tight deadlines with a lean staff requires equipment that’s intuitive, adaptive, and reliable and can consistently produce work with minimal effort. Introducing the imagePRESS Lite C270 Series of multifunction printers—an outstanding investment that's designed to deliver the workflow, user-centric control, and remarkable print quality that your essential work demands.

    Speed (PPM):61 and up
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    Today’s marketplace necessitates the ability to be resilient and versatile while improving efficiency. At the same time, meeting tight deadlines with a lean staff requires equipment that’s intuitive, adaptive, and reliable and can consistently produce work with minimal effort. Introducing the imagePRESS Lite C270 Series of multifunction printers—an outstanding investment that's designed to deliver the workflow, user-centric control, and remarkable print quality that your essential work demands.

    Workflow Efficiency

    The imagePRESS Lite C270 Series multifunction printers bring together Canon’s deep understanding of the enterprise and production marketplaces. Now, the features necessary for both high-end office and light production environments can be utilized in a single, cost-effective, and feature-rich device. With Canon’s imagePRESS Lite C270/C265 color multifunction printers, you'll have the resources to help advance your business— now and in the future.


    • The imagePRESS Lite C270/C265 multifunction printers are designed to be in sync with how users work. All models feature a large 10.1” touchscreen that's responsive and intuitive, making operation clear and virtually seamless. User-friendly techniques echo the operation of smart phones and tablets. When utilizing an imagePRESS Lite or imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX model, the interface remains consistent, allowing work to proceed effortlessly and with a minimal learning curve.
    • You can customize your experience to your personal preference. Once logged in, you can see your preferred default log-in screen and desired language; preferred settings for Copy, Send, Fax, and Store; accessibility settings; easy recall of previous job settings; and more— following you from compatible, networked device to device. You can also take advantage of single sign-on (SSO) to access and scan to available cloud destinations.
    • With Hot Folders, you can drag-and-drop files (PDF, JPG, or TIFF) to shared folders of Advanced Box on the MFP. Files are printed with the print settings set beforehand by the administrator for each specific folder. No driver is needed for this setup. This is an ideal solution for utilizing repetitive tasks and workflows and to help administrators manage drivers.

    Quality and Reliability

    • Some models in the imagePRESS Lite C270 Series can reach maximum production speeds of up to 70/80 ppm (Color/BW). Also, the Single Pass Duplex Color Scanner converts paper documents into digital files up to 270/270 ipm at 300 dpi (Color/BW).
    • Slowdowns and interruptions can cost time and money. That’s why Canon designed the imagePRESS Lite C270 Series with a range of impactful features that can help maximize productivity. Outstanding toner, drum, and part yields can help you by minimizing downtime so you can complete required tasks. Even better, toner and paper can be replenished on-the-fly—no need to interrupt printing.
    • Print your work on the stock that makes the right impact. The imagePRESS Lite C270/C265 support a wide variety of media, including coated and heavy stocks up to 80 lb. Cover. Extend your reach by printing on specialty stocks, including tabs, envelopes, and even long sheets up to 51.2".2 A standard paper capacity of up to 3,300 sheets3 helps long jobs run without having to stop for paper replenishment.
    • The interface was designed for maximum ease of use. Functions are quickly initiated with clearly identifiable on-screen buttons that can be organized to fit the way you work. Repetitive or complicated tasks can be assigned to a single button on the interface, speeding workflow through less manual intervention.

    Device and Fleet Management

    • Canon’s noted expertise in color imaging and its ongoing commitment to R&D have resulted in a range of advanced technologies that are designed to deliver outstanding image quality time after time.
    • This next-generation imaging solution incorporates stunning image quality at production speeds. Output crisp, color images with remarkable clarity at high speeds with the state-of-the-art Red VCSEL technology of the imagePRESS Lite C270 Series.
    • By allowing the surface properties of the media to show through Canon’s translucent CV Toner, the press can help produce amazingly vibrant and vivid images across the entire sheet surface on a wide variety of media, including textured stocks.
    • Maintaining a consistent environment and automatic measuring of density patches combine to help you reproduce your color output and branding to your elevated expectations.
    • The combination of the flexible transfer belt and Simple Transfer Adjustment technology allows the toner to fill the peaks and valleys of your textured and embossed stocks, producing high-density images for custom and premium applications.

    Cost Management

    • An increase in the number of data security breaches is impacting organizations on a global scale. Your printers can play a role in the larger, connected landscape. The imagePRESS Lite Series incorporates an array of security features—many included standard and consistent with the imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX models—to help users safeguard sensitive information, help with privacy, and assist in regulatory compliance efforts. The imagePRESS Lite C270/C265 feature technologies that can verify that the device boot process, firmware, and applications initialize at startup, without alteration or tampering by malicious third parties. During operation, McAfee Embedded Control utilizes a whitelist to help protect against malware and tampering of firmware and applications.
    • Using a host of flexible authentication methods, administrators can control who has access to the printer and to which features. This can be done using a PIN, user name and password, or card log-in (with the addition of an optional card reader). Restrictions, such as access to color copying and scanning functions, can be applied by individual, group, or through customized roles. You can also define whether to allow unregistered users, such as visitors, to log in as guests and then specify their level of access.
    • Device configurations, such as network settings and other control options, are available only to users with administrator privileges, thus enhancing security by helping to limit intentional or accidental changes to device functions and permissions. Administrators can set requirements for passwords, such as expiration period, lockout time, and complexity. They can even access the device remotely with comprehensive control, from changing permissions to monitoring activity, and even turning devices on or off or locking down specific equipment or functions.


    • The imagePRESS Lite C270 Series multifunction printers include several security features to help protect data they send across the network. IPsec (Internet Protocol Security) can help users safeguard the exchange of data at the communications level by encrypting inbound and outbound network traffic, confirming sender identity, and helping ensure unaltered transmission receipt. TLS 1.3 (Transport Layer Security) encryption is designed to help prevent access to, and tampering of, data being exchanged.
    • The imagePRESS Lite C270 Series supports the IEEE 802.1x protocol, providing authentication to supported network devices and establishing a closed connection. The protocol is designed to help keep unwanted users from connecting to the network, whether they use a wired connection or mobile device.
    • All organizations deal with sensitive documents, and if they get into the wrong hands, consequences can range from damaged reputation to heavy fines or even legal action. Sensitive and confidential data—including employee records, customer information, and proprietary intellectual property—can be vulnerable when left unattended in output trays. To help limit having such documents left at the printer, users can create a PIN that must be entered at the device to release the job. Or administrators can require that users log in before printing their jobs using one of the various authentication methods.
    • Whether by human error or with harmful intent, everyday office workflows can lead to misdirected information, potentially causing serious security issues. The imagePRESS Lite C270 Series has several features that can help, all easy to use and under the administrator’s control. Scan destinations can be restricted for all users or certain groups, such as guests, thereby limiting the ability to send documents to recipients in a specific address book or domain. For even higher levels of control, users can be allowed to send documents only to themselves. And by password-protecting address books, they can help protect private details; information can be added, edited, or deleted only by authorized users.

    Powerful Tools

    • Embedded controller for entry-level work
    • When looking to simplify the printer driver workflow, the embedded imagePRESS Printer Kit (PS/PCL/UFR) can be great for environments that utilize a centralized print, scan, and device management structure. Intended to provide the ease needed in today’s demanding business operations, the interface boasts many customizable, streamlined features. And with Canon’s Multifunctional Embedded Application Platform (MEAP), you can incorporate advanced scanning applications, cost recovery, document distribution, pull printing, and other customized applications.
    • Using Universal Send Software, easily convert paper documents to digital form in an expanded range of file formats. This software supports advanced PDF features, including Adobe PDF Reader Extensions, Encrypted PDF, Searchable PDF, and more. For outstanding speed across your network, reduce file sizes with High Compression PDF/XPS. Designed to help users manage workflow for color-centric light production environments, the imagePRESS Lite C270 Series multifunction printers can help boost productivity. With an extensive set of advanced job management features, tools, and utilities, jobs can move through your environment with impressive speed and accuracy. Each business has its specific needs and Canon’s MEAP platform enables the system to incorporate unique applications, such as cost-recovery and document distribution solutions. Once activated, uniFLOW Online Express, a standard cloud solution, displays activity in an information-packed, centralized dashboard that provides up-to-the-minute insights into print activity.