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    July 25, 2016

    3 Document Management Myths That Just Won't Die


    There are plenty of reasons why businesses shy away from a good solution like document management, but all of the reasons typically come down to a lack of information. When companies understand how document management can improve their internal processes and bring their workflows into the 21st century, they often choose to implement quickly. Here are a few of the myths we encounter about document management, as well as the truth.


    Myth #1: Document Management Costs Too Much

    This one is particularly ironic because the opposite is true: not managing your documents costs far too much. Companies waste money every day on lost or damaged documents and outdated processes. Document management saves time, money, and employee energy, putting your business in a position to be even more successful.

    Myth #2: You Have to Go Paperless to Implement Document Management

    Some companies assume that document management is a completely paperless system and that "going paperless" is impossible. Document management is a flexible solution that can help you contain, manage, share, and secure your digital files while simplifying any paper processes that remain in your workflows. Document management is particularly effective at streamlining workflows and approval processes and reducing bottlenecks that exist in paper-based workflows.

    Myth #3: The Old Ways Are More Reliable

    A few companies feel hesitant to implement a digital solution like document management because it's new and a little foreign. Maybe they've had a document or two get "lost" on computers or have worked with older technologies that were buggy or unreliable. Paper documents are reliable, but they are also physical objects that can be lost or damaged. Having a digital back-up system can add another layer of protection to critical documents. The system also allows for instant access of documents saving your team time and headaches. 

    For more information about how document management can benefit your business, contact us today.

    Jordan Conard

    Jordan in a Senior Systems analyst and has been in the Information Technology field for over 25 years. Jordan specializes in systems integrations.

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