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    April 8, 2016

    6 Signs it May be Time to Standardize


    If you've been hearing the buzz surrounding printer standardization, you may be wondering if the solution is right for your company. Maybe you're on the fence since it seems like your business is doing alright as far as printing goes.

    Almost all businesses can benefit from printer standardization (PS). PS makes it easy to cut your overall printing costs while boosting productivity and better managing resources. PS also cuts IT department's print management task down significantly. 

    Let take a look at some clarifying questions that may help you answer this question. 

    What is Your Print Environment Costing You?

    Many companies choose printer standardization because they're spending too much on printing every month.

    1. Your costs are escalating: If you're frustrated with your lack of control over your company's print expenses, PS is the right solution for you.
    2. You have low spending predictability: One month you have a conference and the printing costs are through the roof while the next month things are relatively quiet. Printer standardization makes your printing costs predictable and easy to track.
    3. Your equipment costs you money: The hidden costs of low-quality, out-of-date equipment can keep companies from being productive.

    What Are Your Business Goals?

    Some businesses choose printer standardization to further their overall business goals by increasing productivity and resource allocation. Here are the signs that printer standardization would fit well with your overall business goals.

    1. You're struggling to meet your sustainability goals: Your green goals may be admirable, but if they're only on paper, and not in practice they don't mean anything. Managed print is an excellent way to improve your overall sustainability on a budget.
    2. Your existing print infrastructure is difficult to manage and an energy drain: If your current print environment is taking time away from your IT department, it's time to upgrade to printer standardization.
    3. Your company is expanding: If your business is on the brink of growth, it's time to take some mundane everyday tasks off your plate. Printer standardization allows you to focus on your business's core competencies.

    For more information about printer standardization, contact us today.

    Ronnie Hay

    Ronnie Hay is the Marketing Director for UBEO.

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