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    October 26, 2018

    Printer Standardization for Healthcare


    Does your healthcare environment have a multitude of print devices and cartridges? Do you have multiple printers side by side in areas for different purposes? Do you have a favorite print device in your space? 

    This is Common but don't think it is Normal

    When we walk clinics and other healthcare environments, we see this all the time. Some environments have  upwards of 80 different types of print devices and thousands of dollars worth of pre-purchased print cartridges stuffed everywhere. Sound familiar?

    While this scenario is extremely common, this should not be considered normal. When healthcare environments have no print strategy, it is often left up to individual departments to purchase print devices. These devices will end up on the network and IT will end up managing the drivers. This takes up a ton of valuable time. In some cases, IT will refuse to manage any more devices and you end up with users installing their own devices locally. IT loses control over the device including the information that is printed. This can lead to HIPAA violations and other forms of risk.


    "We can just do Managed Print, right?"


    Managed Print Service is when a print service company takes over the maintenance and supplies of your fleet of printers. The problem with Managed Print is no company can afford to stock all the parts and supplies for a multitude of printer models. This means the service becomes break-fix. When a device goes down, you place a call. Technician responds, thinks they know what the problem is and then has to order the part. Days go by and the device is still down. The technician returns and maybe fixes the device. If they didn't get it right the first time, the cycle repeats.

    Managed Print also does not eliminate IT workload in managing lots of print drivers. You are stuck in the same boat.


    Printer Standardization is a Better Way

    Printer Standardization is a simple solution provided exclusively by UBEO. We will streamline your print fleet and minimize the number of device models. Printer Standardization produces real benefits:

    • Users can easily use any device since there is only a few models to learn
    • IT department saves a ton of time only managing a few print drivers
    • Easily implement print policies
    • When one machine goes down, users can easily move the job to another device until the repair is made

    Want to learn more?

    To learn more about Printer Standardization, schedule an exploratory conversation with a UBEO team member by calling us 1.888.201.8431 or send us a message.

    Ronnie Hay

    Ronnie Hay is the Marketing Director for UBEO.

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