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    March 27, 2019

    Managing Printers is a Waste of Your IT team's time

    IT has a big job. Not only are they responsible for ensuring your organization has the technology backbone needed to operate well, but they are also responsible for the security of your organization. Healthcare is especially challenging with regulation and compliance added in.


    Time is everything

    Every team has mission critical tasks. Printer management is NOT a mission critical task for IT. HIPAA compliance, end-point security, and the core infrastructure of your system are primary responsibilities for IT. Trouble-shooting printing issues, scanning, and other print related functions are vital to your operations, but should not even be on IT's radar.

    The world of IT and document technology are constantly changing. Your IT team has a general knowledge of all the facets of IT, but are not experts in all areas of IT. Your document technology vendor should not just be a service provider, but add the expert level of knowledge that your IT team relies on to ensure your organization's systems are optimized.

    After all, you cannot be a good customer if your organization is not healthy as a whole. Your IT team should demand loyalty from the vendor just as vendors hope for loyalty from their customers.

    A great business technology vendor is one who understands your operations and organizational goals in order to help you achieve those goals. Your document systems should support your operations, not be simply a necessity of doing business.


    Support Your IT Team

    One of UBEO's signature services is IT support included for all UBEO assets. Over one-third of the support calls placed at UBEO are IT related issues that are solved over the phone in 7 minutes on average.

    Your IT team will typically see the support ticket come in and then place the service call with UBEO. At that point, UBEO connects with the end user, resolves the issue and reports back to the IT team upon completion.

    Support your team by investing in a quality vendor. Going with the cheapest alternative may cost you in time and hidden costs in the future. Allow your IT team to focus on mission critical tasks like end-point security and vital systems.

    For more information on how UBEO supports IT, please visit this page on our website.

    Ronnie Hay

    Ronnie Hay is the Marketing Director for UBEO.

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