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    January 26, 2016

    Organizing Your Technology Assessment


    The Purposeful Process

    In order to meet organization goals, you must assess the vehicle that will be used to achieve them. Clearly mapping the pathway to objectives is the key to success, yet can also be time-consuming and frustrating. Assessing the technology that provides the accessibility to these goals should be a starting point.

    To make the tech assessment process as efficient and hassle free as possible, your company should focus on three things,

    1. Inventory
    2. Goal driven
    3. Cost effective

    Current Technology

    Taking inventory of your current technology is the most efficient place to begin. Although it may be time-consuming to do so, itemizing the current technology will make assessing it easier and help make investment decisions more purposeful. A company should document the technology they house, not just what is frequently used. All equipment should be noted.

    When the equipment has been logged, the information will need to be organized based upon what is vital to meeting the company's objectives.

    Future Needs

    When your business has an itemized list of the IT that is meeting the current needs, it is important to look to the future. As long and short-term goals are reviewed and revised it is important to assess the current technology and decide what additions will be necessary to meet the organization's objectives.

    Invest in Your Future

    Lastly, companies must decide what is best suited for their budget. IT additions could include something as simple as purchasing new equipment, such multi-function printers, that would increase efficiency within the workplace. Investments can also include outsourced services that are more cost-effective long term, such as Print Fleet Management.

    If you have more interest in exploring improvements in your current business technology situation, contact us at mation.com.

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    Walter Whal

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