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    Rainmaker eDiscovery Solutions


    Rainmaker provides forward-thinking eDiscovery services that combine the power of people and software to deliver the best possible outcomes.

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    We're legal experts.

    The eDiscovery service is the most cost-effective and reliable way to intake, organize and catalog documents related to your case. The discovery process is labor intensive, and with the proper expertise and technology, your team can quickly become overwhelmed with this massive task.

    The experienced team at Rainmaker reliably delivers a product that allows your legal team to analyze and leverage information rather than wasting countless hours organizing data.

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    How we deliver.

    We’re always on the lookout for the best ways to deliver value to our clients with new technology, incredible team members, and agile solutions to their greatest challenges.

    Rainmaker Discovery Workflow

    Relativity & Hosted Solutions

    Rainmaker brings order to legal technology so that you can focus on what really matters – your case and your client. With a custom suite of eDiscovery applications in a fully-managed private cloud, you get security, agility, and intelligence you need to make eDiscovery more efficient. 



    Relativity is widely considered the industry’s gold-standard for document review, data processing, analysis and production. Relativity’s review platform is secure, flexible, scalable and reliable. All huge factors in today’s highly challenging legal environment.



    CloudNine is one of the industry’s most simple and cost-effective review tools, making it a good choice for certain cases. The intuitive interface allows clients to quickly upload, review, and produce electronic documents without many of the challenges associated with larger, more complex platforms. 

    Matter Analytics

    Matter Analytics

    This multi-functional application, which integrates seamlessly into Relativity, provides email threading with visualization, near duplicate identification, name normalization, and personal data detection in one easy-to-navigate package, creating workflow management efficiencies. 



    Brainspace creates breakthrough machine learning software that intelligently detects and relates unique phrases in massive unstructured data sets while intuitive visualizations help you quickly navigate your data.



    NexLP’s Story Engine leverages predictive coding, combined with next-generation Natural Language Processing, cognitive analytics and dataless classification to turn disparate, unstructured data into meaningful insight that can save time, money, and unnecessary risk.



    Veritone provides the ability to effectively cost manage and analyze large amounts of audio and video files. Search, review and produce redacted audio using Veritone transcription and leverage the power of Veritone’s multiple AI platforms. 



    Blackout is a redaction tool for Relativity that automatically redacts and highlights documents based on criteria you specify. 

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