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    D6520BK Interactive Whiteboard

    Interactive Whiteboard

    Empower real-time collaboration

    • Work on a 65" 4K LCD display
    • Impress with 3840 x 2160 resolution
    • Connect laptops and mobile devices
    • Work in the cloud and use your preferred apps with our optional Windows® 10 controller

    Speed (PPM):
    D6520BK Interactive Whiteboard slide one
    D6520BK Interactive Whiteboard slide two

    Empower real-time collaboration

    Empower your onsite and mobile team members, clients or customers to be more engaged with you in meetings and document collaboration with our 65" 4K LCD RICOH D6520BK Interactive Whiteboard. Bundle the D6520BK with our visual communication equipment and services for all-in-one solutions. Now, transform presentations and collaboration into modern interactive experiences that include touchscreen annotations, video and fast information sharing.

    Be flexible with our Windows® 10-based controller

    Connect your laptop or mobile device to the D6520BK to use your preferred business apps and get right to work on your open documents. Or simply use the D6520BK's optional Windows® 10 controller standalone and download your preferred business apps to get started, including Office 365 and Skype® for Business. If you want to present and interactively collaborate with large onsite groups, bundle the D6520BK with a Ricoh Digital Projector.

    Deploy quickly and painlessly

    Configure the D6520BK interactive flat panel display with our optional mobile stand to easily move it from room to room. If you want to use the D6520BK as a display, connect old or new devices via plenty of options: VGA, HDMI and DisplayPort. Deploy the D6520BK anywhere without headaches: its intuitive UX needs little or no training. And there's no need to connect the D6520BK to a server or dedicated computer requiring costly management software and mandatory maintenance.

    Maximize engagement with brilliant 4K

    Showcase graphics and convey your ideas clearly in crisp 3840x2160 4K resolution to participants sitting up close and faraway. The anti-glare touchscreen with LED backlighting and deep contrast help to ensure that participants can see what is on the screen in almost any lighting conditions. Powerful 10-bit processing of more than one billion colors helps your participants notice precise details and see lifelike images.

    Collaborate across your network

    Add a collaborative license to our IWB Lt. software on the D6520BK to enable two-way collaboration with as many as 19 additional IWBs. Each IWB can also connect to as many as 50 endpoints with two-way collaboration. That means you could distribute 20 licensed IWBs on your network for real-time collaboration and to join interactive remote meetings with up to 1,000 participants without incurring an additional public cloud service fee.

    Enhance collaboration with videoconferencing

    Enable face-to-face interactions with remote participants while working on shared documents by bundling the D6520BK with our videoconferencing service. Scale videoconferencing for many participants with our optional UCS Service, which allows participants videoconference with you from any online endpoint.

    Make the most of your investment

    Benefit from our expertise and 24/7 global customer support, so you can focus on competing in a smarter, faster world. Let us ensure that your collaboration technology stays ahead of trends and helps you thrive in today's economy. And we believe that relationships matter: Wherever you deploy our D6520BK, our extensive network and consulting services will be there to help you reach your goals.

    Increase interactive whiteboard user adoption

    Simplify deployment and use of the D6520BK interactive flat panel display with RICOH Live Tech Support. If you have any setup or operating questions, connect immediately to a live agent via video chat or phone. On-call assistance lets you skip the auto-prompt system and get on with your meeting — without increasing IT's workload.

    Need more information?

    Learn more about the RICOH D6520BK Interactive Whiteboard and how it may fit your business.