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    D8600BK w/ Windows® Controller Interactive Whiteboard

    Interactive Whiteboard

    Interact with greater impact

    • Share ideas on an 86" 4K touchscreen
    • Present with 3840 x 2160 resolution
    • Connect laptops and mobile devices
    • Use preferred apps to transform presentations into productive collaborations

    Speed (PPM):
    D8600BK w/ Windows® Controller Interactive Whiteboard slide one

    Interact with greater impact

    Showcase digital presentations in sharp 3840 x 2160 4K resolution at up to 86 inches diagonally so participants can see every image from every vantage point in classrooms, boardrooms, auditoriums and more. With the RICOH D8600BK Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) with Windows® 10 Controller, you can share lifelike reproductions in more than one billion colors with powerful 10-bit processing.

    Collaborate to elaborate

    Use the D8600BK to share information from almost any source without connecting to a PC. Download your favorite business apps to display documents, images and more — even files from a corporate network or ERP system. Set up an ad hoc meeting in Join.Me®, use Skype® for Business for face-to-face feedback, or choose other Windows® 10-compatible videoconferencing software to reach your audience.

    Expand your reach

    Extend your message beyond the confines of the room by connecting with up to 19 additional licensed IFPDs on your private network. In turn, each IFPD can connect to up to 50 endpoints — including laptops, smartphones and tablets — letting you collaborate in real time with up to 1,000 participants without incurring additional public cloud service fees.

    Works out of the box

    Begin collaborating without IT support. The D8600BK is an out-of-the-box solution that doesn't need input from a dedicated computer or proprietary software. Connect to the VGA, HDMI, DVI-D or DisplayPort for display use only. Pair it with a Ricoh digital projector to share interactive presentations with larger audiences. Opt for the mobile stand to roll out your ideas in front of audiences quickly.

    Precisely control your message

    Stay on point with incredible fingertip control. Use our patented ShadowSense™ optical position-sensing technology to switch between tasks, add handwritten notes, create drawings, zoom and more with unmatched accuracy. The new technology uses unique shadow sensing for a more responsive experience. If you prefer, simply use the conveniently located touch pen to control your presentation on screen.

    Bring people together with video conferencing

    Add a personal touch to presentations with remote audiences. Choose the RICOH UCS Service and share real-time videos. At less than 2 MBps, you don't have to worry about lag times and interruptions. With RICOH UCS Service Advanced, remote participants can join from any web-enabled device. It integrates with Office 365™, so participants can share control of the presentation and make edits easily.

    Keep it together when presenting

    Avoid unnecessary components and the risk of mounted mini-PC theft. Unlike some other IFPDs, the D8600BK has an optional embedded Windows®-based controller linked directly to the LED backlit, anti-glare touchscreen display. When you need to expand, simply add another IFPD to the network without worrying about additional fees, maintenance costs, training or third-party software updates.

    Value responsive support

    Stay in touch with our extensive networking and consulting services to keep pace in today's fast-paced digital workplace. Ricoh offers interactive whiteboard setup instructions as well as 24/7 global support. Speak to a RICOH Live Technical Support agent in moments with a quick phone call or screen touch and avoid auto-prompts and delays*.
    *Check with your Ricoh representative for availability.

    Need more information?

    Learn more about the RICOH D8600BK Interactive Whiteboard with Windows Controller and how it may fit your business.