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    Color Wide Format / Plotter

    HP DesignJet printers and HP Bright Office Inks reproduce all drawing details accurately and reliably

    • HP Bright Office Inks with dual technology ensure outstanding print quality even on plain paper. This is very important to professionals in AEC as they print mostly on plain paper. According to an HP Internal study, 90.1% of prints across 82,350 HP DesignJet T-series Printers are on plain paper.
    • HP Bright Office inks comprise of dye inks in various colours that produce bright colours and high precision printing at a minimum line width of 0.02mm on plain paper, while the HP Bright Office Matte black is a pigment ink that produces black and white prints that are durable and smudge-resistant.

    Speed (PPM):
    DesignJet-T1600 slide one
    DesignJet-T1600 slide two

    Error-free and efficient printing with embedded Adobe PDF Engine

    The strong partnership between HP and Adobe is the reason behind an HP DesignJet print workflow that delivers error-free, reliable and efficient printing. Unlike competing printer brands that use a PDF interpreter which often results in missing details and loss of information, HP DesignJet Printers have embedded Adobe PDF Print Engine which enable complex PDF files containing transparencies, layers and gradients to be accurately printed.

    Comparing HP DesignJet’s superior ink efficiency against competing brands.

    One of the key advantages HP DesignJet T-series has over competitors pertains to ink efficiency. Canon and Epson large format printers waste a lot more inks during servicing compared to HP DesignJet T-series.

    Comparing HP DesignJet’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) against Epson’s Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS)

    Printers with refillable inks via Continuous Ink Supply System project the impression that they deliver lower cost of ownership. But is it true? Comparison between an Epson T3100X and HP DesignJet T125/130 over a 5 year period shows otherwise.

    A radically simpler and more efficient way to print with HP Click Software.

    HP Click software allows you to print common formats like PDF, JPEG, TIFF, DWF, HP-GL/2 files from a PC or Mac with one click.6 Besides automatic features that allow you to optimise media usage and costs, HP Click Software is a lot more efficient with far fewer clicks for print job submission when compared to Canon and Epson large format printers.