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    Xerox Iridesse

    Color Production Printer

    Powers a more brilliant future by delivering more “wow” impact per printed page through digital specialty enhancements.

    • Up to six inline print stations that print in a single pass, at rated speed, with spot on color-to-color registration
    • Optional White, Clear, Silver, Gold, and Fluorescent Pink Specialty Dry Inks for enhancements and Media Expansion Low Gloss Clear
    • Full Width Array, a powerful Xerox-exclusive technology that baselines the press to expedite time to production
    • Optimal performance with mixed-stock jobs supported by the Xerox® Mixed Media Acceleration Feature
    • Additional high capacity feeders and inline finishing solutions, including robust configurations that accelerate XLS sheet productivity end-to-end

    Speed (PPM):61 and up
    Xerox Iridesse slide one
    Xerox Iridesse slide two

    Ultra HD Resolution

    While other presses may RIP at the same level, the image pipeline that feeds data to the Iridesse™ engine is unique, delivering 4 times more information to the press than competitive digital systems do. The combination of 1200 x 1200 x 10-bit RIP rendering and 2400 x 2400 x 1-bit print imaging yields unrivaled Ultra High Definition (HD) detail for smooth, beautiful gradients and tints, impeccable fine lines, and unprecedented small text accuracy.

    Low gloss, High Quality

    New High Definition Emulsion Aggregate (HD EA) Toner is another key component of the press’s brilliant CMYK quality. HD EA Toner has a smaller particle size: 4.7 microns compared to the previous 5.8 microns. This smaller size creates smooth prints with lower gloss and excellent shadow detail, even in challenging images.

    Stay Consistently Brilliant

    Internal process controls ensure consistency within each print run so you can deliver confidently, job after job. The press lays down Mark On Belt (MOB) patches between pages and measures them automatically and continuously during each run, compensating for any registration or density issues in real time and eliminating the potential for color drift.

    Create a spot specialty effect

    Each of our HD EA Specialty Dry Inks – Gold, Silver, White, or Clear – can be used on their own to create stunning spot effects that deliver a big visual impact while freeing your clients from time- and cost-intensive offline processes.

    Use more than one spot specialty effect together

    Two inline specialty stations and precise color-to-color registration means multiple spot effects can be produced quickly and accurately within each job.

    When you need a vibrant visual, think about the impact a palette of iridescent metallic hues can make. ItŐs like having a full metallic color swatchbook available to each job, on demand.