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    Ricoh Pro C7200 Series Color Sheet-Fed Printers

    Color Production Printer

    Level up your offerings with next generation 5th color technology

    • Print on oversized media and a variety of substrates up to 360 gsm.
    • Satisfy the most demanding buyers with vivid 2,400 dpi x 4,800 dpi laser resolution
    • Enhance throughput with speeds of up to 95 ppm, advanced print controller options and efficient workflows.
    • Help your customers get noticed with oversized material support of up to 13” x 49.6”.

    Speed (PPM):61 and up
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    Adaptable Performance for Diverse Needs

    The Ricoh Pro C7200 Graphic Arts Edition delivers versatile performance to meet various printing demands. With its advanced technology and robust capabilities, you can efficiently produce high-quality prints across a wide range of applications.

    Speed Up Production with Advanced Technology

    Enhance your workflow with the Ricoh Pro C7200's cutting-edge features. Its innovative technology ensures faster production times without compromising on quality, allowing you to meet tight deadlines and exceed client expectations.

    Consistent, High-Quality Color Output

    Achieve exceptional color consistency with the Ricoh Pro C7200. Its precise color management and calibration tools ensure every print maintains the highest standards, providing vibrant and accurate results for all your projects.

    Broaden Your Media Options

    The Ricoh Pro C7200 supports a variety of media types, enabling you to take on a diverse range of projects. From heavy card-stock to textured paper, this printer handles it all, giving you the flexibility to meet your clients' unique needs.

    Professional Results with Advanced Finishing

    Enhance the quality of your prints with the Ricoh Pro C7200’s advanced finishing options. Automated inline finishing features allow you to produce professional-grade materials, such as booklets and brochures, efficiently and effectively.

    Boost Productivity with User-Friendly Operation

    The Ricoh Pro C7200's intuitive interface simplifies the printing process, making it easy for operators of all skill levels to achieve optimal results. Streamlined operations enhance productivity, allowing your team to focus on delivering exceptional prints.

    Maximize Your Investment with Complete Support

    Benefit from Ricoh's extensive support services to make the most of your Ricoh Pro C7200. From training to ongoing maintenance, Ricoh provides the expertise and assistance needed to ensure your printer operates at peak performance.