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    Pro C9500 Ricoh Pro C9500 Color Sheet-Fed Digital Press

    Color Production Printer

    Enhance Your Capabilities, Transition from Offset Printing, and Explore Creative Boundaries to Attract New Clients

    • Produce custom covers and POP with media support up to 173 lb. cover (470 gsm)
    • Produce photo-quality images with 2400 × 4800 dpi resolution
    • The RICOH Pro C9500 gets it done with blazing speeds up to 135 ppm
    • The RICOH Pro C9500 is engineered to handle more media sizes, including oversized sheets up to 49.6"

    Speed (PPM):61 and up
    Pro C9500 Ricoh Pro C9500 Color Sheet-Fed Digital Press slide one
    Pro C9500 Ricoh Pro C9500 Color Sheet-Fed Digital Press slide two
    Pro C9500 Ricoh Pro C9500 Color Sheet-Fed Digital Press slide three

    Drive Your Growth Forward

    The scalable and cost-effective RICOH Pro C9500 Color Sheet-Fed Printer is designed for current demands and future needs. Reliably produce up to one million impressions per month, achieve exceptional color accuracy, and pivot seamlessly from offset to digital. This printer empowers you to meet high-margin variable jobs and tight deadlines without compromise.

    Tap into New Markets with Versatile Offerings

    The RICOH Pro C9500's flexibility supports a variety of media types, including thick, thin, synthetic, and specialty substrates. This capability allows you to create diverse applications such as direct mail, catalogs, and photo books, expanding your market reach. Produce custom covers and large-format prints up to 49.6" for creative projects like multi-panel brochures and light signage.

    Achieve Vivid Detail in Every Print

    Cater to high-end markets with the RICOH Pro C9500’s superior color quality and accuracy. With 2400 × 4800 dpi resolution and advanced technologies like Auto Color Diagnosis and Image Quality Monitor, ensure consistent and precise prints. Perfect for high-value, duplexed jobs, the printer maintains impeccable registration.

    Engineered for Superior Performance

    The RICOH Pro C9500 excels with speeds up to 135 ppm* and a robust monthly volume capacity of up to one million pages. A powerful Fiery® controller and 18,100-sheet paper capacity ensure high efficiency. The 21" color touchscreen simplifies operations and enhances productivity. *Requires optional Productivity Upgrade Kit. Standard speed is 115 ppm.

    Expand Finishing Options to Meet Diverse Needs

    The RICOH Pro C9500 offers automated inline finishing for professional output. Easily produce saddle-stitched booklets, ring-bound books, and folded direct mail, keeping more jobs in-house and driving business growth. Streamline your workflow with these advanced finishing options.

    Leverage Media Flexibility for Business Growth

    With support for various media types, including up to 470 gsm, the RICOH Pro C9500 expands your application capabilities. Enter new industries and create high-margin short-run packaging, counter cards, catalogs, and more, increasing your revenue potential.

    Make an Impact with Oversized Applications

    The RICOH Pro C9500 handles oversized sheets up to 49.6", allowing you to produce standout prints that capture attention. Offer clients more space for their messages with double-sided applications, light packaging, and full-sized tri-fold brochures, enhancing your business offerings.

    Produce Targeted, Relevant Materials

    Enhance your digital print capabilities with deep personalization and versioning. The RICOH Pro C9500, equipped with the new Fiery® N-70 Controller, allows you to produce customized direct mail, coupons, catalogs, and more, delivering significant results with high-margin potential.

    Achieve Consistent Results with Media Management

    The RICOH Pro C9500’s media management tool enables operators to set optimal conditions for feeding, transfer, and fusing, reducing errors and improving efficiency. Customize and access media settings directly from the Smart Operation Panel for predictable, high-quality outputs.