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    February 9, 2016

    The Benefits of Production Printing In-House

    Printed booklets

    The business world constantly bends and sways to the growing demands of fresh ideas and new trends. Many organizations believe that to produce professional marketing documents, you must send those jobs to an off-site print shop. That may be the best option for your team. There is another option now in the Ricoh 7110X. The Ricoh 7110X can produce superior quality documents at a price point that gives many more organizations the option of bringing printing in-house.


    The features of Ricoh product 7110X make producing affordable quality documents possible. The Ricoh 7110X produces quality that is usually reserved for much more expensive products. The Ricoh 7110X is in price bracket that brings the option of in-house printing within reach of many more orgainzations. 


    With the help of the Ricoh 7110X, organizations produce documents and products that are effective in drawing in new business, increasing revenue and setting new standards. This is achieved through the aid of Ricoh 7110X and its features:

    • Documents featuring clear or white ink
    • Signage and window cling print capabilities
    • Printing on creative mediums and textures
    • Inline finishing, punching, saddle stitch and booklet maker 1,200x4,800 near-offset image quality
    • Oversized printing capabilities to produce trifold brochures and other large print, dynamic printed pieces

    Problem Solutions

    With the additional of the EFI Feiry solution, operators can save common work-flows and execute large, complicated print jobs with just a few clicks. 

    Features such as the light pole, indicator lights and LED lights alert users when various aspects of the printer need attention and can locate misfeeds, promoting cost effective and quick problem solving.

    RICOH products are beneficial for many organizations, but especially for those businesses looking to stay one step ahead of the changing tides in the business world. Contact us today to see how the Ricoh 7110X can set your business apart.

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    Ronnie Hay

    Ronnie Hay is the Marketing Director for UBEO.

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